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Tim Morgan Journey Over Coming Homelessness

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On July 12, 2012, Morgan found himself homeless and sleeping in the back seat of his car. He fell into a state of despair and hopelessness. For several months, his spirits were drained and his confidence was low. Yet, the inner faith that guided him as a child and as a young entrepreneur would not die down. Lifting himself up from a state of depression and destitution, he sought employment opportunities. Morgan found work with a local caterer who worked at Dignity Memorial, and it was at Dignity Memorial that Morgan met Robin Bankston. Whenever Bankston approached Morgan as he labored, she always asked him, “Do you cater? Where is your card? Always keep your card? Where is your card?” Morgan took Bankston’s words to heart. He reflected nightly on what she said to him and decided he wanted to change. With determination, passion, and faith, he mapped his future. On October 13th, 2013, Morgan opened, Tim Morgan Catering, Corporate Catering Specialists. His company focuses on conferences, sales meetings, special events, corporate lunches, board meetings, healthcare meetings, and seminars. Since its conception he has been on a seven figure tract. Unlike others in the field of culinary arts, Tim Morgan is self-taught with an 8th grade education. He brings his creativity; passion for food; work ethic; and his diverse work and life experiences to his catering company. He’s a born entrepreneur with a keen sense of what it takes to run a business. Morgan’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium sized companies to non-profits. He prides himself on providing exemplary customer service by putting his clients’ needs first and exceeding their expectations. He relishes the challenges and opportunities of making all his clients' events a success. Besides running his catering business, Morgan addresses one of his deepest passions: helping the homeless and hungry. He is an advocate for those depressed and oppressed in society. Morgan says, “It’s about paying it forward, remembering those who I left behind in the streets during my period of homelessness.” Helping the homeless is nothing new for Morgan since he’s been feeding the homeless for nearly twenty years out of the trunk of his car. In support of his belief, Morgan founded Aprons for Change. He says, “Our mission with Aprons for Change is to fill food pantries, homeless shelters and other sub community service units with meats, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and general staple items to ensure that our most vulnerable members of society are provided with decent and nutritious meals. We are structured and designed to help our most vulnerable members of society.” His commitment to serving the hungry and hurting in the metro Atlanta community is unwavering as he finds time to work with such organizations, Salvation Army, Boys/Girls Club of America and Hands on Atlanta. By giving God the glory and seeing his future through the midst of his personal and financial storm, Morgan rebuilt his character, reestablished his principles, and reignited his entrepreneurial spirit. He has not looked back, opening Tim Morgan Cafe in 2014, and Tim Morgan Cafe & Creamery in 2015.


He is founder and CEO of Tim Morgan catering LLC, Tim Morgan Cafe LLC and; also has many other projects in the works including a new book titled Faith over Fear to be released soon.

For more information about his company and projects contact his office at

For Atlanta chef, fighting food insecurity on Thanksgiving is personal

For Atlanta chef, fighting food insecurity on Thanksgiving is personal

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